Sarah Malstrom, PA-C

244_216_crop_0709686001382363359Certified Physician Assistant
Sarah Malstrom joined our practice in 2001 after completing her masters degree as a physician assistant at Arcadia University (previously Beaver College) and received her certification at that time.  She had obtained her bachelors degree from Brigham Young University as a physical therapist prior.

Sarah is truly talented at blending an aesthetic eye with her medical knowledge to help our patients not only increase the health of their skin, but the beauty as well.  She has a special interest in diagnosing skin cancers and is excellent at spotting lesions of such a nature before they become harmful to the patient.  Sarah is a big advocate of preventative medicine and the skin is no exception! She is a strong believer in early intervention of precancerous lesions so as to prevent anything harmful from developing down the road.

Sarah and her husband Mike have kept medicine in the family as he is practicing as an ophthalmologist in the Pottstown/Reading area.  However, they prefer to spend the little time they have together discussing their children, since they have had six kids within an eight year span.  Sarah prefers to spend her free time with her children.  Her other interests are summed up quite well by a shirt her best friend recently gave her (who happens to also be a provider at this practice) that states:  “Will run for chocolate.”  Sarah takes that quite literally.  She has completed 7 marathons and also loves hiking, biking, most any outdoor exercise, especially when it involves the kids!  For Sarah the day is never complete without a healthy dose of chocolate.